Sunset Beach Government Offices

Government offices of Sunset Beach, North Carolina.
The Government of Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach, NC, like many small American towns, is run by a board and a mayor. The board has a hand in electing the mayor, but mayoral elections also take place for the townspeople every few years. Besides being run by the Sunset Beach government, though, the town also has to comply with the laws and ordinances of North Carolina as well as of Brunswick County.

The Sunset Beach offices for government officials are easy to find. All of the town’s departments are consolidated at 700 Sunset Boulevard. Plus, all of the officials of the town can be reached by email or by phone. The town operates on a very open policy, and even the addresses of the councilmen and councilwomen are listed on the town’s website, which you can find at

One of the main responsibilities of the town mayor and council is to plan future development. While Sunset Beach is a town that relies heavily on tourism for its economy, it doesn’t want to lose its small town feel. This calls for a very fine line to be walked between underdevelopment and overdevelopment. At many of the council meetings for the town, the motions that are discussed are all about helping Sunset Beach stay economically stable while keeping it a small, comfortable town.

Much of the actual law making for the town is done by the larger county government. The sheriff’s department, as well, is a county-wide effort rather than one that is concentrated in Sunset Beach. The county also takes care of many of the deed registries and other official paperwork items for all of the town in the area. If you have questions about what the county government does or how certain people can be contacted, you can check out its website at


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