Sunset Beach Things To Do

Gone Fishing at Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach, NC attracts two primary types of leisure seekers: golfers and fishermen (and women!). The area boasts plenty of beautiful greens for those who prefer a day on the course, but it also has some great places to fish for those who find it relaxing.

The Sunset Beach Fishing Pier is one of the best places in town to get a nibble on your line while you nibble on some Southern-style food from the on-site vendors. It also hosts some excellent activities throughout the year that the whole family will love.

The Fishing Pier is located near the center of town by the gazebo. You’ll find it at Sunset Boulevard and Main Street. One excellent thing about fishing from the Pier is that you don’t have to have a license. It has a license that will cover any and every person who fishes in the immediate area, which is perfect if you’re someone who is just wanting to try your hand at fishing for a day.

If you’re on a honeymoon or romantic vacation for two, consider the Sunset Beach Fishing Pier a must-see place around sunset. Though the sun doesn’t go down over the ocean in this part of the world, it still casts its beautiful glow over the waves, creating a romantic, lovely atmosphere each nice summer evening.

For those who get addicted to fishing because of the Fishing Pier, there are lots of places to catch a ride to try your hand at deep sea fishing off the coast. When you fish in the deeper sea, you’ll catch bigger creatures. Sometimes deep sea fishermen even catch sharks!

A deep sea trip usually takes a few hours or even most of a day, but you can eat, relax in the sun, and enjoy the waves all day long while you catch huge fish that will amaze the kids. You can find several places to hop on a deep sea charter boat nearby to Sunset Beach’s Fishing Pier.