The Top 5 Spots Burglars Look First For Your "Hidden" Valuables

Your home is a place of warmth, for family gatherings, and for shelter, but it's also a potential target for burglars. You may have secret hiding places but burglars may have already figured out those places. That's why purchasing home safes is the best protection for valuable information and objects.

Here are the top 5 spots burglars look first when uncovering your hidden valuables.

IN THE BEDROOM. You may think hiding money or jewelry under a mattress is smart, but burglars check there first, usually. Closets, even locked desks can easily be opened with the proper equipment. They will also check in pillowcases. Do not hide your jewelry or cash in a jewelry box. They will dump it all in a bag and then vanish.

IN THE BATHROOM. Homeowners stash money in toilet tanks, under the sink or medicine cabinets. Also, they look under rugs or storage compartments. Having home safes are often your only protection.

IN THE REFRIGERATOR. Burglars, for the most part, know all the tricks. If you hide money in a sealed, dark jar or plastic container that doesn't mean it's safe. They will check every nook and cranny, if they're desperate. And if they're looking for prescription drugs, that's the first place they look because drugs will keep longer in cold places.

IN THE SUGAR OR FLOUR BIN. Burglars will make a mess of your kitchen looking in these places. Also, hiding money or valuables in rice or cereal bags isn't a good idea either, or on top of cupboards and under cabinets. Under the sink is another place they will look.

IN THE LIVING ROOM. There are many places a burglar will look, such as under chairs, couches, inside furniture, in silk plants, and a big one: behind pictures. You may think hiding valuables in a hole in the wall behind a painting is smart-thinking, but again, burglars know the places to look.

Using a home safe that is strong and locked up will ensure your valuable information and other objects are secured. You can get safes for a small area or multiple ones for a larger home or business. If you have guns you want to protect children from, getting a safe will also ensure you peace of mind. Fireproof safes and jewelry safes will protect your most memorable pieces, and are a great investment, so all of your valuables will be there for years to come.

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