Summer Essentials When Traveling With Kids

Summer Essentials When Traveling With Kids

It is summer and that means it is time to schedule vacation time and hit the road. There are so many fabulous destinations you can take the time to see with your family! Most people, when taking a vacation during the summer, elect to cool off at the nearest beach and with good reason. It is the one place you can go, have fun and relax all at the same time. But traveling with kids can be a bit problematic if you do not plan ahead. There are always some summer essentials that need to be brought along. From beach toys to is a general guideline of what you need to keep packed for those vacation destinations.

The easiest way to think about summer essentials is to classify them into "kits" you should always carry with you. Most people travel by car when they have children so these kits are easily storable and very easy to cart with you when you hit the beach.

The Travel/Safety Kit

This kit should always contain:

  • sunscreen
  • bug spray
  • bandages
  • sun burn cream, ointment or spray
  • wet wipes
  • antibacterial cleanser
  • pain reliever
  • laminated card with emergency contact information

You can also include an emergency phone card, an extra copy of your health insurance cards and any known allergies of everyone in the family. This is a great kit that can really help any minor mishaps that may occur while traveling.

Since you will be traveling with kids, kids need something to do during the drive or travel time. It is always a good idea to pack a "fun kit" with activities and games that will keep the kids busy and entertained. Some families choose to go with movies and music while others want to concentrate more on family games and books. If you do choose electronic items make sure and pack a charger or extra batteries. There is a great variety of games the whole family can play while driving such as "I Spy" or the "License Plate Game."

It never fails...when you get started on your trip someone suddenly becomes very hungry. So hungry in fact that he or she cannot wait until the next rest stop or meal time. That is why it is important to thwart the hungries with a "Snack Kit." Your snack kit can contain:

  • pretzels
  • portion sizes of chips, crackers or candy
  • small drink boxes or bottles of water
  • beef, chicken, or turkey jerky
  • small fruit

These snacks will allow you to store the food in a plastic container with a lid that can then be stored in the vehicle. The portion size chips, crackers, etc. can be either purchased in designated portion sizes or purchased in bulk and then distributed to small baggies.

No trip to the beach would be complete without the summer essential beach toys. Beach toys come in quite a wide variety so picking the right beach toys should be based on age. Some favorites of any age are: bucket and pail, inflatable rafts, water games such as dive sticks and Frisbees. Of course you definitely do not want to forget a pump for those inflatable beach toys! You can purchase one that runs off the vehicle's power, AC powered, battery powered or even a pump that is foot operated!

These are just a few of the summer essentials you will need to keep in mind when taking your vacation this summer with your children. Try making "kits" so you will not forget the important things. The best part of vacation and traveling with the kids is all the memories you will make!